Selling Your Home In January

"We'll wait till after the holidays to list" And I get that! I really do. Haha. Because family is visiting, the decorations have to go up or there are just expectations on you for the holiday season you wouldn't have otherwise. This is something we start hearing in October.

If you truly want to list your home at the start of the year here are some tips to get you there this month!

Dec 1

31 Days till January:

☑️ When you're cleaning for the holiday company to come over also throw away, donate or box up anything you won't need.

☑️ Shop for presents that don't create clutter! This is a big one if you have kids.

☑️ Purge all holiday decorations you're not interested in moving to a new home.

☑️ Watch the credit card spending like a hawk! If you're planning to buy with a loan when you sell then make sure anything you purchase on a credit card you can pay off immediately. AND make sure you pay it off with income from your checking account.

☑️ Find and prepare tax documents this month. It's the last month of the year and you will most likely be moving around tax season or just before. Make sure you locate those docs now.

☑️ Call ME! Haha, I truly want to help you prepare. You question the month before listing is "What should I do this months to benefit me next month?" I do this every single day of my life. I'm sure I can help! 727-313-0620 

Natalie Pindar | The Pindrop Group Clearwater | Realtor


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What questions do you have about selling at the beginning of a new year?

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