Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise

If you've ever been to Clearwater Beach, chances are you've seen the iconic, award-winning ship, The Pirate's Ransom, floating in the gulf!

Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise has been a beloved part of the Clearwater Beach Marina for over 40 years now. It has brought joy and adventure to families since its establishment in 1977. 

I have been a part of these cruises myself and it is so much fun. Captain Memo's stays true to its 'family-friendly' reputation. 

When you first board the ship, the kiddos get their very own pirate hat and water gun. The fun begins as soon as you set sail!

The pirates call all the children down to the main deck for story telling, face painting, treasure hunts and a legendary water gun battle with the infamous and smelly pirate Pete. While the kids play, the adult passengers can treat themselves to complimentary beer and wine.

My favorite part is watching the shooting of the canon, complete with jokes the adults will either laugh loudly or roll their eyes at... or both. The overall experience is entertaining and amusing. Keep your eyes out for dolphins jumping in the ship's wake!

Captain Memo's offers a variety of services, from their daytime and sunset cruises, to birthday parties, to pirate weddings. I have dropped the link to the website here:

The cruise schedule for the summer varies. Make sure to check the weekly schedule as you scroll down the home page on their website. The very informative website is complete with FAQs, so I encourage you to check it out before your trip.

The daytime cruise price for adults is $40, for seniors (65+) it is $38, for ages 3-17 it is $33, and for 2 and under it is $11. There is a $3 upcharge for adults on the sunset cruise, otherwise prices stay the same.

If you are interested in the entertainment industry and learning the ropes of sailing, they are also looking to hire more pirates! I've dropped the application link here:

My personal tips? Slather on the sunscreen! You will be exposed to the sun the whole cruise, unless you decide to sit by the bar. The bar area is covered, but seats are few. If you are sensitive to motion, Dramamine is your best friend. The sea and its conditions are unpredictable, so take one before you go! 

The most important tip I have for you is to just HAVE FUN! This will be a great memory for you and your kids. Embrace your inner pirate!

Leave a comment below if you decide to book a cruise and tell us about your experiences! We'd love to hear about it here at the Pindrop Group.

As always, have fun, be safe and have a great weekend! Smile

Jess Berg | The Pindrop Group | Intern

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